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Support The Port Foundation, Inc has teamed up with The Good Sleep Mattress Co. to provide a Queen size bed for a Queen that will be moving out of the Domestic Violence Shelter and moving into her new home and calling it the“Queen For A Queen” project.

“Here I get to sleep in my bed, instead of under it.”  These powerful words came from a five year old child who once received shelter through Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.  Last year alone, DVSS served a total of 1,371 men women and children.  Of these, 115 women, 3 men, and 84 children received emergency shelter, as they no longer felt safe in their homes.  Domestic violence is a problem that touches many in our community, and we also know that the impact it has on families can be lasting.  The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence defines domestic violence as, “a pattern of coercive behavior in which one person attempts to control another through threats or actual use of tactics, which may include any or all of the following: physical, sexual, verbal and psychological abuse. The behavior may occur during the relationship or after the relationship has ended.”  Victims face many barriers when leaving, including isolation, financial control, intimidation and threats, and fear of escalating violence.  Furthermore, victims must also face the expenses of rebuilding a new life, which can become staggering.

Jaron Goodson, a Wilmington native who is currently one of the owners of Good Sleep Mattress Co. saw the positive acts that Cedric Harrison and The Support The Foundation, Inc. were doing in his home town and wanted to join in on the random acts of kindness.  So Cedric came up with a plan to partner with DVSS, Inc.   Recognizing that victims of domestic violence face many obstacles when leaving their homes and have likely faced many sleepless nights, Cedric and JaRon collaborated to donate a new bed set to a survivor of domestic violence.  Through this generous donation, we were able to connect a family transitioning out of our shelter with a brand new bed.  This amazing gesture not only eases some of the family’s financial burden, but also serves a reminder that they are valued by our community.  Being that women don’t usually get a goodnight’s sleep while in a domestic violent relationship, it’s good to know that now they will, courtesy of us.

mattress The Queen Size Mattress Sitting in The Good Sleep Mattress Co Warehouse Before being Taken to it’s New Home for The Queen For A Queen Project. dvss1 The Queen Size Mattress Arriving Safely to it’s Destination For The Queen for a Queen Project.  dvss

Lauren Daley (Director of Development and Operations for Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.), Cedric Harrison (Founder of Support The Port Foundation, Inc.), and ​Mandy Houvouras
(Direct Services and Outreach Director
Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.) Standing Outside of the Domestic Violence Shelter After Discussing The Queen For A Queen Project.


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