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Become an Ambassador

What is SuperDope Nation?­­

SuperDope Nation is an artist consulting and marketing powerhouse, driven on strategically improving artist sound and providing multiple platforms for discovery. We are the bridge that connects indie artist to leaders within the industry. Delivering music news, interviews, and original content, SuperDope exists to elevate the various art forms surrounding music and the Hip-Hop culture.

What is a SuperDope Brand Ambassador?

SuperDope Brand Ambassadors are “influencers” and have a passion for music, art, and the hip-hop culture. SuperDope offers Brand Ambassadors the opportunity to be apart of a growing network of influential artist, creative entrepreneurs, and those true fans of SuperDope music and art. Brand Ambassadors take ownership of the SuperDope Nation Brand while assisting with spreading the brand throughout your area.

Brand Ambassador Duties

  •       Promote SuperDope brand, products, events and services.
  •       Represents SuperDope Brand in a positive way.
  •       Performs other marketing duties relevant to promoting the brand.
  •       Generates public interest in the SuperDope brand.
  •       Assists team members with the implementation of marketing campaigns.
  •       Models clothing for apparel brands.
  •       Shares ideas with supervisors regarding new ways to market the brand.
  •       Provides customer feedback regarding the brand.


  •    Access to private #SuperDope Group where you will network, learn and share ideas and information with other members on #TeamSuperDope.
  •    Free business consultation and career guidance with SuperDope Executives
  •    Merchandise giveaways and discounts, gift cards, and exclusive admission to select events at the discretion of the SuperDope Executive Team.
  •    Opportunity for advancement towards paid positions on the SuperDope Team.
  •    Opportunity to get V.I.P and behind the scenes access to concerts and events

If you would like to be considered to be a SuperDope Brand Ambassador, please fill in all information requested on the form below.

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