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Beyoncé’s video formation has caused quite a stir amongst different avenues such as politics, race, self love, police brutality and many other issues in society. Beyoncé for so long has maintained the image of a woman of power. A woman who sticks up for things that are right. In her music she has taught women to stand up for themselves in songs like “Irreplaceable, Me Myself and I, Run the World, Single Ladies, If I Were A Boy, and many others show her strength toward women empowerment. Beyoncé’s recent video Formation’s true meaning is nothing more than empowerment and equality. Different scenes show her dancing with with her all female dance crew to show power in numbers as well as banding together in times of need.

The chorus states “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros, I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils”. The speaks to the many racial comments said about her daughter Blue Ivy’s hair as well as comments about the African American race . She is speaking up making it known that this is what she is apart of and she is proud of it. During the video there is a small child dancing in front of policeman with his hands raised. This in many parts of the country is looked at as a signal for don’t shoot. Although many black young men have been gunned down even though their hands were raised. February is black history month making and a video that shows the same struggles from century’s ago is befitting for remembrance. Beyoncé’s video Formation as well as her performance at the 50th Superbowl will be one to remember.


To watch the video yourself please got to http://www.beyonce.com . Below is a parody done by SNL about ” The Day Beyonce Turned Black”.

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