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On April 24th, early Friday morning at Brainerd High School in Chattanooga, TN – Hello, My Name is King, Inc. (HMNK) presented SANKOFA: I Am History.  St. Louis native and Founder of HMNK, Whitney Stovall and four young professional leaders hosted a series of workshops to promote self-awareness and encourage positive behavior for the male and female students of the diverse ninth grade academy.  My Black is Beautiful Ambassador Anique Hameed, Visual Artist Tiffany Williams, Brand Marketing Strategist Cedric Harrison(Wilmington Native), and Poet/Emcee Brandon ‘Real T@lk’ Williams all contributed to helping make SANKOFA a great success.

SANKOFA: I Am History started with an awaking and inspiring performance from Real T@lk, then immediately after the students split into three workshops.   Cedric Harrison and Anique Hameed led a workshop on loving, respecting, and understanding the opposite sex. Whitney Stovall facilitated a variety of activities and scenarios that required students to think critically about their community and individual experiences. While, Tiffany Williams held a discussion on self-identity and internal power, and during the 15-minute intermissions the youth were graced with performances from Real T@lk.  The day wrapped up with speeches from the HMNK representatives and one last slam session.

Special Thanks

Karen GlennDirector of STARS,

Dr. Jacqueline Cothran, Assistant Principal

The Entire Brainerd High School Administrative Team

Hamilton County


Hello My Name is King, Inc.

Hello, My Name is KING’S mission is to create a platform for positive Black male images, and impact the internal and external perceptions of Black men and boys. Hello, My Name is KING encourages society to challenge mainstream portrayals and elevate the way one thinks in order to progress. The organization’s vision is a society where Black boys and teens are motivated to break barriers, publicly value themselves, and make a difference in their communities.

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Photo Credit: Cedric Harrison

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Brandon’ Real Talk’ Williams giving the Students of Brainerd High School a live performance duringHELLO MY NAME IS KING, SANKOFA: I Am History


Some of the Students of Brainerd High participating in Whitney Stovall’s workshop during HELLO MYNAME IS KING, SANKOFA: I Am History

A few students of Brainerd High making collages at Anique Hammed & Cedric Harrison’s workshop during HELLO MY NAME IS KING, SANKOFA: I Am History


Tiffany Williams giving an uplifting speech to the students of Brainerd High School during HELLO MYNAME IS KING, SANKOFA: I Am History


Students of Brainerd High School Enjoying the Speeches being delivered by the Hello My Name is Kingrepresentatives during HELLO MY NAME IS KING, SANKOFA: I Am History

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