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Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I am Sunny Da Man they call me Sunny. Im from Shelby, NC a small town in the 704.

Growing up I had a very active child hood, I played football, basketball and baseball. I have

worked ever since I could have a job. I was also an honor student at Shelby High School,

and afterwards I went on to East Carolina University. I’ve always had a fascination for art

and creativity. Anything dealing with art I’ve done it whether it’s drawing, creating, dancing,

producing, poetry, writing. Art has always came easy to me.


Who was some of your musical influences coming up?

Growing up I never really had a favorite artist in general. I’ve always just enjoyed great music.

I can remember as a kid listening to my parents older albums like earth wind and fire, and other

music of the sort. But if I had to choose an entertainer I would have to go with MJ.


How would you describe your style of music? How has it changed over time?

My style is very diverse. I could get on any type of beat, I don’t like to limit myself. I keep

real in my music but at the same time it’s fun people enjoy it. I think I’m very easy to relate to

which translate into my music because a lot of people can relate to my music. Over time I would

say my music has evolved. I went from mainly a party music to incorporating more real life



Describe what your process is like for making music? Do you have any rituals or specific routine?

As far as my music making process you can just cut on a beat and I’m ready. When I’m

making beats I would prefer the lights low or off, but it really doesn’t make a huge difference.


Who are some artist that have inspired you and why?

MJ because he’s just an overall great entertainer. Jimi Hendrix, I love the way he left his

crowds in amazements. At some of his shows all the audience could do is watch no head

bobbing or rocking just watched because they were so fascinated from the experience. 2 pac

because of his realness and courage to say what he wants. B.I.G. of course his word play

always caught my attention, it was definitely ahead of his time


How would you describe your studio vibes?

My studio vibes are pretty much us having fun and enjoying the music.

“We try to make sure we don’t drain the fun out of it because the goal is to be doing what we love to do and not make it seem like a job.”


Which song of yours is your favorite and why?

Whoa is def one of my favorites. Im touching on issues going on in the world today and plus

im spitting A1 bars the whole time!


What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop music today?

Hip hop today has changed a lot. I feel that the producers have kinda taken it over. A lot of

rap is really people riding the wave vs back in the day when people were aiming to be original.


What’s the hardest challenge of being an artist in today’s era?

The hardest challenge is getting people to pay attention to you. Every 1 out of 3 people are

rappers these days so expectations are low from the jump when you say your a rapper.


What music are you listening to these days? Any artist that you think is SuperDope?

J Cole, Gucci, Chance The Rapper, Future, anything that draws my attention. I also listen to

old school and even old school rock. sometimes i flip through the channels until something

catch my ear.


What are you three favorite Hip Hop Songs at the moment?

I like that gucci album I know you said song but thats it! Keys by Jay Z a banger. That DRAM

broccoli is a banger.


If you could work with any artist you wanted, who would be your dream collaboration?

J Cole, I got to keep it in the NC.


What has been one of your biggest moments so far in your music career?

My song Whoa taking off. It really pushed me out there and helped me get that recognition

to take me to the next level.


What can people expect next from you?

Just expect great quality music!


What was your first song you ever made, and at what age?

Lil G Fly High and I was 8. Had full verses and hook and all.


How do you come up with most of your lyrics to your songs?

My songs pretty much come from how im feeling, or something that’s recently happened in

my life.


Where can fans listen to your music?

SunnyDaMan.com soundcloud.com/sunnydaman

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