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J. Cole Takes Us Back Home To Fayetteville NC [Watch]

J. Cole announced his upcoming album 2014 Forest Hill Drive, set to release December 9th. The album name is named after his last home he stayed when living in Fayetteville, NC. He hasn’t released any singles or videos but he’s given us a tour of his home and where he found his inspiration.

Cole takes us back in time by showing us around the some of the most memorable places in Fayetteville. He shows us the Fun Fun Fun family arcade where he spends time playing games with his friends and Round-A-Bout Skating Rink in Eutaw Shopping Center. The Skating Rink was a popular spot where many high school students and locals around the city hung out. Cole also takes us back to his High School, Terry Sanford (FTS). The 2005 graduate talks about how he knew it was over after ripping one of the dudes in a freestyles. From outdoor prep rallies to Friday night football games, you’ll catch freestyle battles going on and kids joking having a good time
The Fayetteville native explores parts of the city showing us footage of the notorious Bragg Blvd that’s often spoke of in his lyrics. He mentions lewis street again, from the line in his song “Land of The Snakes” off his last album Born Sinner. If you make the connection, Cole used to listen to OutKast on the way to skating rink.

“This that sh*t I used to roll down Lewis Street with” shows you how cole would sometimes skate his way to the skating rink. Lewis street is where Cole lived before moving to 2014 Forest Hill Drive. Moving from one place to another in Fayetteville is often times a come up. As a kid it’s an exciting experience because it takes you to a new environment where you have new things and people around you.
Cole gives us footage of him in Waffle House, a 24 hour diner that always comes clutch. Everyone would have a good time at Waffles House after football games, basketball games, skate night, or any early morning out. Let’s not forget about the footage of downtown and the Market house, the basketball court, and Deep Creek Road. We definitely cannot forget to mention Deep Creek Road.

Cole speaks from the heart and leaves us with much inspiration in this video as he talks about his loved ones and often forget those who mean the most. Cole talks about how he gets so caught up in his career that the rest of his life suffers in the meantime. Coming from a town like Fayetteville, N.C, you don’t see a big city or a big dream. All you know is Fayetteville, and maybe sometimes experience other places around North Carolina like Raleigh or Charlotte.

“There was a time where my happiness depended upon how successful I was in my career, but real happiness doesn’t come from that. At 29, I’m figuring these things out” – Jermaine Cole (J.Cole)

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