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Bi0: Armon “MAC Dablacksheep” Capel was born and raised in Durham, NC. Growing up in a family full of basketball players, he naturally developed a competitive nature. He competed in anything he was good at. His parents saw a bright future ahead of him. Sadly, they lived in an environment surrounded by poverty, drugs, and gangs. His father moved him and his two siblings to Fayetteville N.C at the age of 7. There, he discovered that he had the ability to write music and even hold a melody to a song. Entering talent shows and singing for classmates, he knew he had a gift. Although MAC would sing for anyone who asked, he always had a love and passion for hip hop music. At the age of 11, he wrote his first rhyme. Realizing from peers that his rapping ability was exceptional, he set a goal for himself. That goal is to be the greatest hip hop artist of all time.

In 2003, at the age of 13, due to behavior problems in school his father moved him to Southern Pines, NC. There, he began rapping and singing in school yards and even started recording his own records. At the age of 15, after being cut from his high school basketball team, he decided to do music full time. He committed all of his money, time, and energy into his craft from there on. During a three year span, he released 3 mixtapes; “Just Listen”, “Lyrical Homicide”, and “The Real”. With each project his buzz grew even more throughout North Carolina. He entered and won, performing competitions, battling competitions, and even got a chance to open for hip hop legends such as, Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, Whodini, and MC Lyte. From there he started hosting hip hop battle competitions at his high school every week. Things were moving forward for his career.

After he graduated high school in 2008, he moved back to Fayetteville, N.C. There he met and recorded with countless local hip hop and R&B artists. In 2009, he released his first album called “Weapon of Choice”. This put him on a higher plateau in the eyes of many. With songs such as “Red Lights” and “In the Clouds” his fan base grew to another level. Although he had a fan base locally, he still had not reached the level of success he longed for. With this in mind, he knew he had to expand. MAC began to travel, perform, and network up and down the East coast, from New York to Miami, as well as recording in big named studios, such as Maximus Recording Studios and Patchwerks Studios. As his fan base grew, so did his web presence from sites such as WorldStarHipHop.com, ThisIs50.com, VladTV.com, Coast2CoastMixtapes.com …etc.


From 2010­ – 2012 he dropped “The Real pt. 2”, “Fuck A Rapper”, and the highly anticipated “Alarm Clock”. With these projects came more music videos, performances, connections, and fans. He is pushing himself to be the best artist he can be.

To this day, he is still working towards his ultimate goal. Releasing projects such as “Memoirs of A B.L.A.C.K Sheep” and “730” hosted by DJ Chuck T from 2013 to 2014 took him to even higher platforms. He is currently working on his first studio album “The B.L.A.C.K Sheep in Wolf Clothing” that is set to be released in the Fall of 2015. It includes singles such as “Open Season” and “Willie Lynch”. MAC assures that he will not stop until his ultimate goal is completed. He is determined to be the greatest hip hop artist of all time.

“Everybody ain’t deserving, so put your work in and earn it/ Just find your peace on this Earth and try to fulfill your purpose.” ­­MAC Dablacksheep (Fast Life Music)

Inspiration: The idea of Greatness

Email : mac@macdablacksheep.com

Website:  www.macdablacksheep.com

Social Media:@MacDaBlackSheep



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