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Bio: My name is Takeisha Smith and I’m originally from St. Pauls NC, but I call all my surrounding areas home. I came to Charlotte to continue my education and running career. I earned my degree in December 2016 majoring in Political Science and minoring in Africana Studies. I released my album “Jenny” December 17th, 2016 the day of my graduation. This album was my escape from the world for a few moments to emphasize the concept of abuse, depression, and addiction. Through these emotions and acceptance of my own issues I was able to find my true self once again and help others who are fighting their own demons.

Inspirations: Amy Winehouse,   J Cole


“Highway 95” off of Kita’s most recent project titled “Jenny”.

Contact: smithtakeisha@yahoo.com


Instagram: Jsaneacouture

Twitter: Jsaneacouture

Snapchat: jsaneacouture


Kita will be performing Sunday, January 29th in Charlotte, N.C @ Apostrophe Lounge.

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