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Atlanta (June 26th, 2015) – XXL 2015 Freshman Raury and other special hip hop guest brought out all of the young energetic millennial hipsters of the Metro Atlanta area to Freight Depot for an electrifying musical experience at Raur Fest 2015.  This was the 2nd annual Raur Fest and might I say this was one for the books.  Raury had a diverse line up of dope artist from TDE’s SZA, to Big Krit, to Atlanta’s own Two-9, Earthgang, and Trinidad James.  What made the Raur Fest most memorable was the new artist that were exposed tonight, A new Asian rapper by the name of Keith Ape him and his Surgical mask had the crowd jumping like Jordan, I asked him what was the story behind the Surgical mask and he said it represents Korea because everybody there wears them.  A talented new Artist by the name of JMSN(pronounced Jameson) who looks like Jesus’s twin brother, stole the soul of the crowd with his breath taking vocals.  Last on the line up but definitely was not least is Post Malone a white rapper with a half rapping half singing flow like Drake killed the stage with his hit single “White Iverson”.  Even though the show was a little off schedule it was still worth standing those extra minutes just ask Andre 3000 who also was in attendance in the front of crowd like a regular fan.  Other performers were India Shawn, Marian Mereba, Hello Ocho, Black and D.R.A.M. Special thanks to Raury’s official band, The Band of Brothers. Outside of the musical experience guest enjoyed games, food from different vendors, cocktails, and free takeaways like Beats by Dre bandannas.   

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Copy of the run of the show during the 2nd Annual Raur Fest

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