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    Who was some of your musical influences coming up? Favorite Rappers are Style P, Jay Z, Jada Kiss, 2 chains, DMX…

  2. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.Well I’m from Wilmington, NC been here for most of my  life play sports born & raised on the South side Been n & little trouble @ a young age had a shorlarship to NC State…
  3. How would you describe your style of music? How has it changed over time My Style is Very hardcore…
  4. Do you have any rituals or specific routine? I make sure my mind is clear and that my mind is free.
  5. Who are some artist that have inspired you and why? Styles p , Jadakiss , 2 Chainz , Jay’z.
  6. How would you describe your studio vibe? Intense and I’m very serious about it.
  7. Which song of yours is your favorite and why? Pain….. it tell you a lot about my past and my team past
  8. What are your thoughts on the current state of hip=hop music today? It could be better , rappers today are trash nothing personal music back then was way better then it is today
  9. What music are you listening to these days? Any artist that you think is SuperDope? Yung lucci

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