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Read Below to Learn About Gilles The Rapper/Lawyer

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I’m a lot of things, really. My pops is Bajan. My mother’s mother is from St. Vincent. My mother’s father is from Haiti. Oh yeah, and I’m from Atlanta.

Who was some of your musical influences coming up?

Man, everybody. My older brother had that Rob Base “It takes two” tape. I was into Naughty by Nature too…those were like, my earliest 2 experiences with music that I can remember. I was a child…like, elementary school.

How would you describe your style of music? How has it changed over time?

Well I rap about what I know so I would consider it lifestyle music. I’m still one of the few people who believe you shouldn’t talk it if you didn’t live it. So, I rap about things I know, things I do, people I know, people I do, etc. It’s changed over time in that, I’m better at articulating my particular perspective. It comes out more exact now. Like, exactly how I want it to and exactly what I mean when I say it. I’m just better at telling my story. Stylistically and substantively, it’s all conversational. Hell, this might end up in a rap. You just never know with me. So make sure you ask good questions. No pressure.

Describe what your process is like for making music? Do you have any rituals or specific routine?

Well generally, I get with a producer first. He/she may have some stuff they already want to play me or we may start from scratch. I try to tailor my raps to the specific records though so, I don’t write with at least having a sound in mind. Once we get some music down or at least the skeleton of some music, I’m all, “ok, what do I need to say on this?” I like to approach each record with a unique perspective that is also representative of me and my views. Sometimes, I have things I want to get off my chest. Good music comes from those times.

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Who are some artist that have inspired you and why?

Stevie Wonder, Outkast, Aloe Blacc…there are just so many, yo. Stevie, because his music was always real and he would always talk about real things but sonically, it still sounded like magic. And he’s really dope live, too, which is a thing in and of itself. Outkast because well…come on. Aloe Blacc because, when I discovered him, which was super late, it was crazy because he was making this real life soul music when these R&B niggas are all talking about “you got that booty, ooh wee.” And come to find out, he’s been doing it for years…it’s just that “I Need a Dollar” caught in a way his other stuff didn’t. Now look at him.

How would you describe your studio vibes?

Daylight. I work like it’s a 9-5. I like to be at the studio early. My first alarm goes off at 5:30a every morning. And no lean…that stuff can kill you. Nahhhhhh, I’m just hating because I can’t afford this rapper lifestyle.

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?

Right now, it’s this record off A.L.O.T. (A Lot of Things – debuting this fall). It’s called “Statements” and I just had so much to get off my chest. It came out exactly how I wanted it to: raw emotion, critical of self…I just love that record.

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip=hop music today?


What’s the hardest challenge of being an artist in today’s era?

Well, it seems as though everybody is an artist but it does not seem that everybody cares about the art. So that’s disheartening because rap means so much to me.

What music are you listening to these days? Any artist that you think is SuperDope?

I listen to a lot: I can tell you that Anderson Paak is fye, and you know I had to give both Gucci and Frank a few spins. I’ve also been listening to a lot of those hip hop R&B records from the 90’s and early 2000’s too…you know, with the dense ass drums and the heavy basslines. I wanna bring that feeling back, yo. Sheeeesh.

What has been one of your biggest moments so far in your music career?

Man, my last album release party was pretty dope. Angela Yee from Power 105’s the Breakfast Club came down and hosted it. She was super nice too. Also, we’ve recently been featured on Vibe, XXL, Bossip, 2 Dopeboyz and a few others. Those are good milestones for us, just to be part of those online communities.

What can people expect next from you?

A.L.O.T. very very soon. Like, very soon. It’s time.

Where can fans listen to your music?

We’re everywhere that music is. iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Soundcloud, Amazon…you name it. And, if all else fails,www.supergilles.com

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