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Learn more about NC’s artist FTW Grizzy as we talk music and more

Who were some of your influences growing up?

Jay Z, Big L, Wayne, T.I., slim Dunkin

How would you describe your style of music?

My style of music is a little of everything thought provoking but entertaining street but relatable to everyone… and definitely real life situations

How has it changed over time?

Overtime I find myself trying to keep a balance between the lyricism I grew up on and the new style of music and whats popular today

Describe what your process is like for making music?

I have a few different ways I come up with music,  sometimes  i know the song as soon as I hear the beat, other times come up with a hook with nothing playing an then find the beat later

Do you have any rituals or specific routine?

Just listen to beats mostly, or come up with ideas and then make a song based on the idea.

Who are some artist that have inspired you and why?

Jay Z’s an Big L’s lyricism definitely  made me wanna rap and be as good as them tip’s story telling made me feel like as long as you rapped about stuff that meant something to you pretty much anybody can feel it

How would you describe your studio vibes?
My studio vibes to me are great up beat an competitive

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?

Everytime i make a song i feel like that’s the one so I guess I would call this my temporary favorite but I would have to say my song called HIGHER LEARNING. It’s my favorite because its about police brutality and its very thought provoking especially to someone who cant relate or feel indifferent about how I may view this particular topic

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop music today?

What’s the hardest challenge of being an artist in today’s era? The hardest challenge is to be able to make music that can be heard with mainstream music but also still has substance, which is not a big part of todays era

What music are you listening to these days?
A boogie, Kodak black, PNB rock, and all the older stuff I usually listen to, oh and Push Almighty

Any artist that you think is SuperDope?
I think A boogie is dope, I also like City Shawn, & Schoolboy Q

What are you three favorite Hip Hop Songs at the moment?
Pnb Rock -No time

A Boogie- Bag on me
Young Pappy – Freedom

If you could work with any artist you wanted, who would be your dream collaboration?
Jay Z, Kanye West, The Game

What has been one of your biggest moments so far in your music career?
Collaboration i did wit Rich da kid on a song called WRONG NIGGA


What can people expect next from you?
More work an a bigger platform

How do you come up with most of your lyrics to your songs?

Sometimes I pick a flow first then fill the words in, sometimes I have the words an make the flow make since with the beat sometimes, I just rap an make sure I get my Point across  no matter the flow

Where can fans listen to your music?
Audiomack, spinrilla, livemixtapes, indy, soundcloud



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