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David Banner, the Grammy Award- Winning rapper, producer, activist, hosted his 9th annual Heal The Hood At Christmas back at his home in Mississippi. The event took place on Dec. 19 in his city of Jackson. The David Banner Foundation is an organization that aims to assist youth and families across the state. The group focuses heavily on education, civic participation, and leadership training among other areas of focus.

To learn more about the The Banner Foundation Click here.

SuperDope Nation had the opportunity to partner up and sponsor the Logo Design and T-Shirts for “The Banner Foundation” and “The Banner Studios.” (Special Thanks to @CoastInkClub)  Approximately 350 youth and their families at the annual Heal The Hood Christmas Receptions. David Banner announced his new concept that make sure a younger generation will have access to the technology that was not available to him, with the donation of a recording studio to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi. The Banner Studios concept are series of six recording studios Banner developed alongside the Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi (BGCCM). The Banner Studios will provide as hubs of creative outlets for the youth in the area.

Ribbon cutting for the studio in the boys and girls clubs. #bannerstudios – thank you Dr. Brown

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“We believe that education and the arts crete cultural understanding and provide access to the global community. We use the arts to engage, educate, and provide an outlet for creative expression for young people. We are excited to hear the voices of the youth through their art for years to come,” – Banner in a statement regarding the event.

Thank you Penny King for coming up with the idea for #bannerstudios for the boys and girls club. #theGodbox

A photo posted by David Banner – Batiany (@davidbannerlikespictures) on

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