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In the picture L to R: Mandrake Lewis, CEO/President of Quality Care Solutions, Doug E. Fresh and Tim Gant, CEO/President of Distinguished Groove Records.


Thanksgiving and Hip Hop: A full course meal that served dinner for all to enjoy.

What better way to end the Thanksgiving Holidays than with one of the greatest Hip Hop artist of all time coming through to spread love. SuperDope Nation along with Distinguished Groove Records were in the building given full access to one of this year’s most unforgettable shows performed by the Entertainer himself Douglas Davis better known to the world as “The Human Beat Box” Doug E Fresh.   Mandrake Lewis along with Itsdoable, (a non-profit organization that was designed to provide academic, leadership and motivational support services throughout many North Carolina communities) provided the Rocky Mount area with a concert that had everyone “Beat Boxing” along with many classics such as: La Di Da Di, Keep Risin’ to the Top, and The Show. Doug’s infectious personality and charisma was still in tact as he moved the crowd all night long, even providing his fans a throw back moment by teaching them how to “Dougie” from the originator himself. His timeless lyrical skills and incredible beat boxing kept the crowd wanting more. With a guest appearance by Lil’ Vicious and rocking out with original members of The Get Fresh Crew–Barry B and Chill Will, Doug E Fresh showed North Carolina why he is still 30 years later THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD!

–  Slimmoney

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