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SuperDopeNation takes a tour of the art district of Atlanta, Little Five Points, a district on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia, United States east of downtown. It was established in the early 1900s as the commercial district for the adjacent Inman Park and Candler Park neighborhoods, but has since become famous for the alternative culture it brings to Atlanta. Walking around this district gives your a very artistic feel. There are richly colored murals painted on the side of buildings local shops and restaurants.

Street Art Little 5 Point
Street Art Little 5 Point-13 Street Art Little 5 Point-12 Street Art Little 5 Point-8 Street Art Little 5 Point-9 Street Art Little 5 Point-7 Street Art Little 5 Point-3 Street Art Little 5 Point-5The name is a reference to Five Points, which is the center of downtown Atlanta. “Little” Five Points refers to the intersection at the center of the neighborhood. Two points are provided by Moreland Avenue (U.S. 23 and Georgia 42), which runs perfectly north/south, and forms the county line dividing Fulton and DeKalb. Two points are provided by Euclid Avenue, which runs northeast/southwest. The fifth point was originally Seminole Avenue, which met the intersection from the northwest, but the Seminole point was converted to a plaza and there is no longer a five-point intersection, though some regard McLendon Avenue, extending east from Euclid’s southern intersection at Moreland, as the new fifth point.

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