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Bio: “I was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. My mother basically raised me on my own, as my father became a wanted man at the age of 4. I didn’t start making music until September 24 2015, however I have always been a big reader of novels and writer of poetry. I like to get vulnerable with my listeners, as it helps me learn who I am as a person as well as give listeners a chance to look inside their own hearts. I am a father. My son was born on December 13, 2016 and ever since that day I have made it a goal to never let him see me give up. My dream is to get signed with Dreamville and I’m not stopping until I do.”


Inspirations: My mother, my son, my brothers, and even my biological father. Musically, I am inspired by Eminem, Cole, Lauryn hill, Andre 3000, and frank ocean.


Email: painkillherbookings@gmail.com

Instagram: @wittynapier
soundcloud: @wittynapier

Website: www.wittynapier.com

Antonion “Painkillher” will be performing Sunday, January 29th in Charlotte, N.C @ Apostrophe Lounge.

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