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The music game has ended this year on fire. For the last 3 months it seems as if it was almost impossible to keep up with amount of musical goodness this year. Songs such as Hotline Bling by Drake, Slow motion by Trey Songs, the Hills by the Weekend and Kendrick Lamar’s entire album. J. Cole deserves a moment of silence for no features and an album that tells a complete story. Lets not forget just Futures entire album had us all turnt the entire last few months of the year.


What about the songs that didn’t get as much attention. Here a list R&B songs that may have been overlooked in 2015.

  1. Kehlani- You should be here
  2.  The Internet – Get Away
  3. Jasmine Sullivan- Let it burn
  4. Erykah Badu- Hello
  5. Eric Bellinger – Quit Looking
  6. Eric Bellinger – Gina
  7. Elijah Blake – Drop Dead Beautiful
  8. Monica- Alone in your heart

The Internet in particular is a very raw edge group that recorded Ego Death in a span of three weeks in Syd tha Kyd’s basement. If this group can put together an album in three weeks who knows what is in store for 2016. The genre this group is under is contemporary R&B and Jazz fusion, but placing them in a box cannot be done. Anyone can listen to their album on rainy day, in the shower, the car, commercials and anywhere good music is welcome. Click the video below to listen the album trust me you wont be disappointed.


Place your comments below and let us know what songs you wanted to hear more in 2015.

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