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Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Kewl Kell  an independent hip/hop artist was born Mikkell Antwan Terry July 8th of 1990 in Oxford, NC.  He is also a recent grad of the 2014 class at Winston Salem State University.  ” Growing up I used to write all of my emotions on paper about my life’s ups and downs and in middle school before the bell rang I would have these rap battles with other students everyday.  Eventually I fell in love with writing music and that’s when I knew that one day I would take my talents to the next level!”  His hardworking relentless ambition to succeed is out of this world with a mind like that there is no limit that any being couldn’t reach.  He has just dropped his new Debut record “Star Born” it he says “This is only the beginning!”

Who was some of your musical influences coming up?
One of my biggest musical influences growing up was Tupac.  Tupac had this ability to take stories and relate them to you and you would feel every word he said.  My second biggest influence from modern times would have to be DRAKE.  His music is so personal and most have us have similar experiences.  Drake has to be like the modern day Tupac even though their music doesn’t sound the same.
How would you describe your style of music? How has it changed over time?
I would have to say my style of music is all over the place.  I have a wide rage of genre I think but mostly hip hop.  I make my songs off of emotions however I’m feeling at the time I record is the kind of track you’re going to get.  Not only has my music changed over time, but it changes almost every time.
Describe what your process is like for making music? Do you have any rituals or specific routine?
The way I make music strictly comes from thoughts or ideas about certain events.  I rarely take a beat and create music.  I usually come up with a hook or verse in my head and them find or create the right beat to make a hit.
Which song of yours is your favorite and why?
My favorite song of all right now is “Into.” Intro introduces my life story of how it all started and where i’ve currently progressed to.
What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop music today?
I think there is still hip hop today.  I also think a lot of rappers don’t tell true events though.  I feel like they only say what they think the audience will like to hear.  I also think there are too many artist trying to sound like other artist nowadays.
What’s the hardest challenge of being an artist in today’s era?
The hardest thing about being an artist nowadays is that it is an over saturated market now.  Everyone is rapping now so it is harder to be heard by the right people to advance you in your career.
If you could work with any artist you wanted, who would be your dream collaboration?
If I could work with an artist right now it would definitely be DRAKE because he puts his heart into his music just like I do.  He is also the best out in my opinion so he would make me go hard on the beat to compete with his verse so I can also be heard.
What has been one of your biggest moments so far in your music career?
One of the biggest moments in my career so far was making my debut video “Star Born.”  Its nothing like hearing the people you care about support you and tell you that you/re going to be big one day just stay focused and keep it up.
What can people expect next from you?
I have a lot of new good music on the way so people can expect a lot.  I am getting better day by day and my next video is on the way.  I just want everyone to know “This is Only the Beginning” of something great!

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