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Shank DaRookie: To all of SuperDope Nation thank you for considering Shank as one of your featured artist!


Shank Da Rookie


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Khyran Shank, but I go by artist name Shank DaRookie. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana born and raised. I attended school at the University of North Carolina At Charlotte. While attending at the school I ran track and field all four years. Being away from home and going to the south was an interesting transition.  But nonetheless, I absolutely love the south and the vibes the environment brings. But I’m just a guy that loves music, anime, and business!


Who was some of your musical influences coming up?

My musical influences growing up were kind of mimicked by my father’s taste. Artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Ghetto Boyz…

I’ve always loved music, I loved the way it makes me feel in certain situations, the stories they tell, and the vivid pictures they paint.

Though I’ve never lived that type of lifestyle, the hustle and the creative grind they did intrigued me.


How would you describe your style of music? How has it changed over time? 

As far as my style of music, I haven’t been able to fully described my style successfully because its that different.

I feel as if my voice alone is unique of its own as far as my music choice of production is creative and adventurous.

Through every song and every project I develop and learn more interesting aspects about my music and myself.  Throughout my first starting point my style hasn’t changed but enhanced itself especially through my new project “Life Away From Home”


Describe what your process is like for making music? Do you have any rituals or specific routine?

Before I start writing, I usually turn on the TV show American Dad and put it on mute as I start to create.

My steps into making a track are very interesting. I usually start off listening to the track a few times, then mumble and stumble through the type of vibe or rhythm I want to go with it. Then all of sudden certain situations come into mind and I start putting it to words.


Who are some artist that have inspired you and why?

I actually have 5 SPECIFIC artist that I look up to. I take certain aspects from them that, in a way, fuel me. In no particular order Drake, Jay-z, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. Drake because of his new innovative ways to present music, Jay-Z because of his business mind and strategic ways to push the envelope, Big Sean for his word play and how he has fun with lyrics and concepts, Kendrick Lamar for his unapologetic energy and flow, and last but not least J. Cole for his VIVID story telling techniques and for keeping it simple but clever. Those elements can take a song through whole new heights.


How would you describe your studio vibes?

My studio vibes are very “extra” and “business”.

I’m the type of artist where I don’t need to drink or smoke to get in a zone because I’m already there,

not to discredit any artist vibes or anything that just isn’t me.  As far as a business vibe, I don’t like to be distracted so it’s usually the engineer and me with no one else and we get it in!


Which song of yours is your favorite and why?

My favorite song of mines is all of them!!! However, my most favorite song is my very first song that gave me the confidence is “Welcome To the Intro”. The type of reaction people had made me feel that I could do this but with hard work I can be great.


What’s the hardest challenge of being an artist in today’s era?

I feel as if the hardest challenge of being an artist today is to stay true to yourself, don’t follow “The Wave”.

Some artist find themselves frustrated because they work so hard however it’s missed because they aren’t following suit. It’s all about making your own lane and being confident that your lane is something for people to ride on.


What music are you listening to these days? Any artist that you think is SuperDope?

Right now artist that I’m listening to right now are Wale, Logic, and Vic Mensa.

Right now, who I feel is super dope and SUPER slept on is Logic!

He is creating his own lane and showing that you don’t have to follow the wave.


What has been one of your biggest moments so far in your music career?

One of my biggest moments in my music career right now was having my first show in LA and having my stay paid for! That was probably the most greatest feelings ever and not to mention I got invited back! So that was cool.


How do you come up with most of your lyrics to your songs?

My creative process and how I come up with my lyrics begin with me thinking of things at random times. When I’m actually creating a song I have to be alone and as I’m writing. I start off fully clothed and pacing back in forth with my phone in my hand. As I’m creating I get hotter and hotter so I start to take certain pieces of clothing off, socks, shirt until I’m in my boxers. That’s when I know I’m on a role!


What can people expect next from you?

What you can expect from me next is more shows of course performing tracks from my project “Life Away From Home’ which is out now on soundcloud and other material on Apple Music, Spotify, and any where digital media is sold.


Where can fans listen to your music?

Fans can find my music virtually anywhere from sonudcloud to Apple Music. Just type in Shank DaRookie in Google and explore away.


IG: Instagram.com/rookie_shank

Twitter: Twitter.com/rookie_shank

FB: facebook.com/officialshank

SC: Soundcloud.com/trackstarbound

Links: Music Video and New Project

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hxYxNodf8g


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